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The Best Year Ever!

Ernest Holmes: Today is a new beginning. The past is gone. Today is mine. Today is new material for me to use. I can make of it what I will. If my thought-pattern  is life, substance, peace, then each today will be filled with manifestations  of health, prosperity, and all good. Today is a new […]


Change. What it means to me is getting out of my comfort zone and forging through uncharted areas. That is a scary place for me. And probably for you too.  I have stayed in jobs for most of my life because I don’t like change. I stayed in two marriages for over 20 years with […]

The Energy Shift

Lately, I have felt the energy shift in all areas. Have you? I know that we are energetically, spiritually, and physically in a whole new arena of life. I have gained more insights into my life and through the uphill climb and the downhill roll that I have survived with a enthusiasm for the next […]

Full Circle

It is so amazing how things have come almost full circle and in a very good way for me. I am happily enjoying my life and where I am in all areas of my life. My perspective and outlook far surpass where I was a year or two ago, and no I am not saying […]

Just Live In The Moment

We have heard it time and time again: “Be in the moment, live in the moment.”  what does that mean? Being present in the moment is probably one the hardest things we have to do. With over 50,ooo thoughts going through our head constantly, how do you just stop and be in the moment? You […]