Change. What it means to me is getting out of my comfort zone and forging through uncharted areas. That is a scary place for me. And probably for you too.  I have stayed in jobs for most of my life because I don’t like change. I stayed in two marriages for over 20 years with the fear of being alone, not realizing that in them I was really alone. I lost ME.

That was the saddest realization of all. I lost who I was in order to make other people happy, when in fact they were not happy with me as that person. I just realized that after two and a half years of being alone with ME.  What a realization! You can’t make anyone happy until you make YOU happy.

So for me change now is not a scary place, but a exciting place, an adventure worth taking. When you take that step or leap of faith, you realize that you are NEVER alone.

These are some very trying times, and comes with some of the most profound realizations we as humans have to experience. But change is necessary for our growth and expansion of the human species.

I embrace change and I welcome the challenge because I know beyond my next breath that I am totally surrounded with LOVE on all levels. And when I surrender to that LOVE nothing and no one can harm me.

So the next time change comes, look it in the eye and smile, because we are pioneers of the New World and missionaries of time gone by.  We got this and I am so honored to be part of this evolution.

Love be with you,