As we enter into the second month of the New Year, I can’t help but to acknowledge the energies of change. I have personally been feeling these energies for awhile but not quite as intense as they have been these last couple of months. Change happens consistently and because of where we are now we are very aware of  the change. I personally am not a person who embraces changes, but I know they are required for our growth. I am letting go  of the need to be in control and as my mantra  goes “Just go with flow” and trust the process.

My intention  is to embrace  these changes not to fear, control or manipulate them but to relax in the knowing that I am being guided and led to situations that are for my highest good. I am extending that intention to all of you, as this year brings these changes to us let us know that we are connected to source and in spite of the challenges we face.

Let’s rally our energies in a  loving heartfelt way and make this world and our time here a happy prosperous life. Here’s to our movement in Love may you embark on your dreams with peace and joy.

Love be with you