Where do I begin? There are no words or words that can explain the energy that is being built at this point in our lives. At the beginning of the month, we were told there was a virus that has started off in China and consequently could cause a wide spread pandemic. Never in my lifetime would I ever perceive or imagine that this would be happening, the world has stopped as we know it literally stopped, and we are all being asked to stay in our homes and to distance ourselves from others because of the widespread virus.

We have been told over and over through all of our motivating top speakers spiritual list that we need to be in the moment in the now, we are literally being forced to be in there now for good reason not to spread the virus but also to kind of reflect on ourselves. People are out of work, children are being kept out of school so there is no social interacting outs interacting outside of your immediate circle. Through the mass panic and fear, and the uncertainty of what tomorrow brings we have all kinds of energies that we are being face to endure. My perception on this is that we will make it through this, and we will be better for it. I would like to extend to knowing any acceptance of being in this situation but also acknowledging that each of us has to look at ourselves and take responsibility for actions that we have not only initiated but endured. I know that none of us knows the outcome of what’s going to happen tomorrow and that’s the frightening aspect of what’s going on but what I do know and what I feel and what I’ve been showing through spirit is that we will come out of this better than we ever have been despite the broken down pieces of what our where are used to be. Hall fast in the knowing that God has this and that we will be able to say I never want to live do that again I’m glad o made it.


Love be with you