A few years ago I was forced to deal with a cancer, that in my mind, was not ever supposed to exist. I had to do a complete lifestyle change in order to fight this battle. I had already searched for a naturalist and was eating less meat and more vegetables and fruit. I had been doing exercise but stepped up that to more strenuous forms of exercising. I also have incorporated meditation and yoga into my life as well with overwhelming positive results.

I feel that if we have balance in all areas of our existence that we not only feel better, but we can receive clearer messages and connect to spirit with a open portal to Source. It is essential to maintain balance in everything we do.  That brings harmony and a sense of peace to all challenges we have to face in the times we are in. these are exciting times, and sometimes scary times, because we aren’t responsible for others but are affected by others.

Keep your mind. body. and spirit like you do a sacred sanctuary; flawless and in tune with your God/Source, because in this lifetime we only have one.  I am doing my best to maintain my temple the way I feel my Father would be happy to say “WELCOME.”

Always remember, a positive thought followed by a positive action makes all the difference in your world, that same world that you share with others.

Love be with you,