Lately, I have felt the energy shift in all areas. Have you? I know that we are energetically, spiritually, and physically in a whole new arena of life. I have gained more insights into my life and through the uphill climb and the downhill roll that I have survived with a enthusiasm for the next challenge. These times are so revealing and healing that I sometimes stop myself from screaming,  “I am all that I am.”  I love where I am, actually.  Just reflecting on my life today.


I have noticed that people really are scrambling to find some sort of sanity to this shift we’ve been engaged in for quite some time now. We are healing at levels unheard of, and that prospect is so foreign to us that we fight this healing with everything we have available. I am feeling that with the influx of this healing energy we are going to see and feel some great things coming and manifesting in our lives. So hang in there and just know everything is happening for our highest good.

Love be with you,